Next Generation Solar - heating your home using the power of the Sun    




Next Generation Solar specialises in the
installation of renewable energy technology
including the following:

Solar thermal collectors to generate hot water
Solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity
Air / Ground source heat pumps for your home


We have a combined experience in the plumbing, heating and electrical industry of over 45 years. Our engineers are fully qualified and registered with the following professional bodies:


Certified in un-vented cylinder installation.


We offer the design, supply and fitting of complete systems using only the highest quality products.

We cover Oxfordshire and surrounding area


There are many great reasons to go solar powered in your home!
Harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it into either electricity or hot water, will not only reduce or even eliminate your energy bills, but at the same time reduce your daily impact on the environment.


Isn't it too cold and wet in the UK for solar to work properly?
No, because vacuum tube and flat plate solar collectors work even if it's freezing cold, all they need is sunlight and we get enough of that, even on a cloudy day.

How much will I save on my utility bills?
You could expect to save between 50% and 70% of your annual water heating costs. The more hot water you use the greater the saving.

Is my solar system covered by a full warranty?
Yes. Our solar hot water system has a full 1-year warranty on labour. The solar collector on your roof will be covered by the manufacturers warranty.
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No matter what type of system you choose, from day one you’ll be able to benefit from producing clean electricity or hot water directly on your own property. This means that in the future you can protect yourself from the rising cost of energy prices, as well as protecting the environment from carbon emissions.

But the benefits don’t stop there! International studies also show that homebuyers will pay more for your environmentally sound home, which makes your new solar system a solid future investment

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